About Us

About TLIG Africa Media platforms 

TLIGAfrica Media is a vibrant online media channel devoted to the promotion and spread of entrepreneurship as a vehicle for nation-building and economic development. 

We are passionate about delivering the best in audio/video quality and content delivery on Business Development, News and Empowerment, Latest Happenings in the Business World, Relationships, Success tips, Career advancement, inspiration and Motivational Messages, Entertainment business, Book Reviews, Music and lots more. 

TLIGAfrica Media also prides itself best in delivering audio and video content from live shows,  live conferences, symposiums, and special exclusive TV features including skits, interviews, Motivational firms, and roundtable discussions. 

Our media teams are proficient in their various areas of expertise. 

Under Tlig Africa media group we have 

1. TLIGAfrica TV/Radio platform (for our weekly live shows). 

We have the following shows every week.  

– The BRR Show: – A weekly Business, Relationship, and Real Life Issues program on TLIGAfrica Platforms.  

– TligReviewShow: – A weekly Business Review Show.  

– Celebrities Uncensored: – a weekly entertainment show.  

Celebrities Uncensored is a no-holds-barred show that puts the spotlight on conversations your favorite celebrities hardly have. It’s fun, exciting, and uncensored. 

–  Life Class with Charles

  • Tlig Political Show

–  The TLIG Tech Show

All our shows can be accessed on our YouTube Channel and including our  social media platforms

Our achievement 

For many years at TLIGAfrica media platforms, we have  attracted  a lot of listeners both home and abroad for all our Radio and TV shows. We have organized several major events and published several publications that have helped many businesses to succeed.

2. TLIGAfrica website for our daily blogging-

 www.tligafricatvradio.com.ng and www.tligafrica.org.ng 

3. TLIGAfrica media- For live event coverage, event video coverage and photography services. 

4. TLIGAfrica media consultancy. 

Other services below. 

– YouTube channel monetization. 

– Promotional videos 

– Online Newspaper interviews 

– TV interviews 

– Content creation 

– Radio/ Magazine interviews 

– Live Event coverage. 

– Content production 

– Press conference 

– Products and service promotion. 

– Movie production. 

– TLIGAfrica Digest Publication. 

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