Introducing TligReviewShow To you 

TligReviewShow is a  program created to help and to promote businesses. 

On TligReviewShow, we review  product and services and we project good businesses to the right audience. 

Our goal is to connect quality customers to your product and services. 

we will love to interview and review your product/services on our platform. 

We will help you to tell Nigerians and the world 

1. About your product and services in details. 

2. Why you are different from others and what make your product and services unique. 

3. Tell Nigerians how they can buy your products. 

4. Your social media platforms and access. 

5. Your price and who are your target audience. 

We will do video and special photoshoots for all your products. 

The process. 

We will visit your location with our team.
we will do both video and special photoshoots for your products. Our presenter will have one on one chat with you about your product and services. 

The promotions 

1. The videos will be available on all our platforms and many other platforms too. 

2. We will run paid adverts for your interview. 

3. You will enjoy one time email marketing to over 200,000 database of decision makers. 

4. On request we can help you grow all your social media platforms and do paid adverts for you. 

The Fee:-please call for details.

kindly click the link below to connect with us on all platforms.

Kehinde Olagbenjo
0808 353 5857