Kehinde John Olagbenjo, also known as KJO, is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with extensive expertise in the realms of business, media, and communication. He completed his education at the School of Media and Communication and the Enterprise Development Centre, both prestigious institutions at Pan Atlantic University in Lagos, Nigeria. Furthermore, he holds a certification in Developing Innovative Ideas for New Ventures from the University of Maryland, USA.

In his role as the CEO of TLIG GLOBAL MEDIA and as a Director at Urock Media International, KJO has played a pivotal role in advancing the growth and prosperity of these organizations. Additionally, he serves as the President of The Land is Green Africa Foundation.

TLIG GLOBAL MEDIA has been responsible for the production of numerous shows and comprehensive coverage of significant events in Nigeria.

Kehinde Olagbenjo is also the founder of Creators Connect hub for content creators, accessible at CreatorsConnect stands as a dynamic and inclusive platform that unites content creators and SMEs to empower them on their digital journeys. The platform’s mission is to foster a supportive and collaborative environment in which individuals can flourish, connect, and craft influential content for their audiences.

At CreatorsConnect, a deep understanding of the challenges faced by content creators, skit makers, motivational speakers, and SMEs in today’s digital landscape prevails. Therefore, the platform provides an array of services and resources aimed at assisting them in achieving success. Whether one is an aspiring YouTuber, an established speaker, a budding content creator, or a small business owner seeking to expand their online presence and generate revenue from it, CreatorsConnect is dedicated to offering unwavering support at every stage.

KJO has authored four bestselling books, including titles such as “You Don’t Have to Believe in My Dream” and “Defining an Entrepreneur: The Concept, the Acronym.” He has also co-authored books like “The Land is Green for Entrepreneurs” and “Wisdom for Business Success.” Additionally, KJO serves as the Publisher of TLIG Africa Magazine and hosts the TLIG Biz show on Radio, along with Business Talk with KJO on TV and Radio.

Beyond his roles as an author and media personality, KJO is a sought-after business coach and motivational speaker. He has been invited to share his insights and expertise on entrepreneurship and success at numerous events and empowerment programs. Through these engagements, he has empowered countless aspiring entrepreneurs and SMEs, aiding them in initiating and expanding their businesses.

KJO’s experience as a media consultant is extensive, having organized numerous press conferences and events for top-tier organizations, including Microsoft, CleanAce, CWG, Leadway, Ecobank, among others. He has also been the driving force behind various business bulletins and magazines, such as SME Digest, TLIG Africa Magazine, and Urock Magazine.

In addition to his numerous achievements, KJO is a gifted writer who has contributed to Business Day newspaper and other prominent publications, both within and outside Nigeria. His remarkable contributions to entrepreneurship and media have earned him several awards, including the Nigerian Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards for Most Outstanding Website Designer of the Year, the 2012 SDEA (Success Digest Enterprise Award) Young Entrepreneur of the Year, the 2017 Global Essence Education Award, the 2022 Business Award, and numerous other accolades.